Meaning of ‘Bora’

Cafe Bora, specialized in serving shaved ice and ice cream made of purple sweet potato, implies so many different elements of purple other than just food ingredients. Purple has been known as a royal color from old times in Korea. It specializes in serving shaved ice and ice cream made of purple sweet potato.

The signature color purple implies much more than the food ingredients. Purple dye was very rare over 1,000 years ago so only royal family could use this color because purple was highly valuable itself. Cafe Bora is ‘步拏’in Chinese characters and this means 'catching steps' which expresses Cafe Bora as an attractive dessert cafe.

100% natural ingredients

The main products on our menu are Bingsu (Korean shaved ice) / ice cream, Korean style desserts, hot desserts such as traditional steam bun, porridge and beverages. All the desserts on our menu are made out of 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any colorings, preservatives, or flavoring agents.

Modern yet traditional Korean brand

Cafe Bora aims for Korean dessert basically but its keywords highly pursue modernness. Cafe Bora realizes new conceptionalOrientalism that draws attention from the Great China Region as well as westerners by naturally combining oriental culture, including Chinese and Japanese. Cafe Bora in Korea is especially popular among Chinese people. Cafe Bora will advance to Southeast Asia and China, starting from the U.S., on the basis of such popularity.